After School


Onekick Martial Arts is pleased to offer the After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) in conjunction with your neighborhood schools.  We provide transportation throughout operating hours at no extra charge.

Program Philosophy

We realize that developing students need a respectable role model and a structured environment for future success. Onekick Martial Arts provides a healthy environment where students can learn to grow with friends and strive to do their best at all times.

The very nature of martial arts training is to provide development in the areas of discipline, focus, and courtesy. Martial Arts also helps promote gross motor skill development and fitness as well as the intellectual and social development. Lastly, children love martial arts. We do our best to make sure our students grow with a positive influence and respect others for who they truly are.


  • Benefits and operation of AMP (After School Martial Arts Program)

– Child is promptly picked up at his/her school
– Onekick Students will always be acquainted by their respective school staff
– Taekwondo training. Students will be taught separately by belt level
– Discipline
– Energetic physical activities
– Latest pick up time at 6:00PM