Summer Camp


Our Summer Camp is open to ages 5-12. We have different outdoor field trips every day as well as martial arts classes. Full day camps are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (early drop or late pick up is optional). We also provide with the option of partial camp as well.

Here are the benefits of Summer Camp:

– Different field trips everyday
– Taekwondo classes- Special Seminars
– Discipline
– Structured and scheduled activities
– Sports
– Group activities
– Quiet Activities


All summer available (from public school ends until school start) for camp.
You can choose any weeks you needed.
Each camper is provided a storage space for their equipment, lunch, snacks, and any personal belongings they wish to bring to camp.

Martial Arts Class

Each morning our campers participate in a traditional martial arts class led by a professional black belt master instructor. Campers can expect improved coordination, physical fitness, focus, and discipline. The martial arts instruction also offers valuable self defense skills and increased self confidence. Campers will participate in the same class curriculum as a full time taekwondo student, allowing them to continue their taekwondo training once the summer is over.

Field Trip & Special Seminar

Each week have different theme exposed to a variety of different field trips that are not only fun but also educational.